About God-ish Skin & Founder Tova Palomino

"God-ish Skin aims to be the premier skincare line catered to both women and men to develop and maintain their skincare routine."

God-ish Skin Story

In December of 2011, Tova Palomino moved to Los Angeles, California with dreams of becoming the next big thing. Attempting to look youthful among younger models and actors, she began her research on natural skin care. What started out as merely a ploy to succeed evolved into a lifestyle! This transitioned into Tova creating her own natural/organic products to use permanently. Her products was becoming a topic of conversation among her peers. Compliments on her skin motivated Tova to share her secret to the "Fountain of Youth". A Few months later God-ish Skin was created! With thorough research, feedback, and perfecting formulas, Tova created products that are both natural and organic and perfect for virtually anyone!

Since God-ish Skin's launch, Tova has pushed her passion for skin care forward and became a licensed esthetician and opened Skin Care By Tova! She believes in the importance of having a skincare routine and encourages everyone she comes in contact with to have their own.